Anyone who has ever been on a SPEAK day of action will be familiar with the excitement of it all – The crowd raising their voices against injustice, an imaginative and colourful demonstration, and a procession to that most prominent site of UK politics, the Houses of Parliament, where a group of young and conscientious activists will lobby their MPs on issues of global poverty.
After decades of indifference, it seems strange that the West should now so suddenly develop a conscience concerning the welfare of Libyan civilians. Libyans have long suffered the tyranny of Gadaffi’s dictatorship, well-armed as it is by companies based in the ‘developed’ world. So why is it only now that those arms sales licenses have been cancelled?
This past month students have been making a stand against universities which profit from and invest in the arms trade.
Holding a stall on campus, at your church or in your local community?
We are calling for access to justice for victims of corporate abuse. Add your voice now!
India is home to 25% of the worlds poor and yet the UK government is actively encouraging high arms spending.
Benny Wenda
The island of New Guinea, 250km north of Australia, comprises the independent state of Papua New Guinea on one half and West Papua on the other.
Gertruida Baartman is a single mother of three from StellenBosch, South Africa. She works for a farm that supplies Tesco supermarkets in the UK, picking pesticide-treated pears, apples and apricots with her bare hands for 38 pence an hour, ten hours a day.