Take a Stanza

Write an ode to/owed to poem to the banks...

This is a creative petition, calling for a transformation to the banking sector.
The concept is to create long reams of heart shaped bunting. Each bunting heart will have a message/poem written on it, by a member of the public, expressing a desire for a transformed banking sector. This bunting will then be strung together on crime scene tape. To see examples of hearts which have already written and bunting tape which has already been created then please click here.

The final plan is to wrap up the entire city square mile in this bunting petition in a prophetic day of action to encourage real positive change.

Please keep in touch with the campaign on facebook; www.facebook.com/discreditcard 


You can get involved in the campaign by:

Wrapping up the banks:
You/your group can get a black felt tip pen and write a message or poem on your own creative petition bunting hearts. To request to receive bunting hearts to write on through the post then please contact speak@speak.org.uk and we will pop them in the post to you. Alternatively you could use any red material which you have lying around and return the heart to St Margaret's House Settlement, 21 Old Ford Road, London, E2 9PL

Rapping up the banks:
We are calling poets/artists/artist groups to get involved in the campaign. We ‘re asking artists to record their own creative messages, calling for a just banking system. We would also love for you to join us on the Day of Action in 2015 where we wrap the banking sector up in the bunting and have a festival as a demonstration

To look at the flyer which explains all about this campaign please click here

You can also write us a poem on line and we will add it to the bunting for you

follow the link here www.speak.org.uk/breakthecode