Joy in Enough

Joy in Enough is a ground breaking project run by Christian Ecology Link, A Rocha and the SPEAK Network. It aims to create a manifesto on what an alternative type of economics would look like. An economics where people and our planet are valued...

We’re calling this project ‘Joy in Enough’ to celebrate the sense of flourishing and well-being that comes from living lives freed from the pressure to consume. The old economy of air miles, bottled water and casino capitalism etc, will be very much constrained, but the quality of our lives will be enhanced – more time and opportunity for the things that matter, like craft, culture, sport and friendship.

The aim of the project is to create a manifesto, comprising of the different factors needed to bring us into a world of sustainable economics.

We’ve set up five working groups to look at different strategies to make the difficult transition to a steady state economy that promotes wellbeing for all long into the future. There’s no silver bullet, no one solution. Instead there are a number of different strategies that are feasible to implement and which, together, would help turn round the giant oil tanker of ‘growth forever’ economic thinking. We’re looking for more people to join these working groups.

A brief summary of the working group themes:

  • The big trans-boundary questions of limiting resource use, tackling emissions targets, and minimising the production of waste. WG1
  • Reform of the financial sector; changing national economic goals and how to measure progress; investment in low-carbon economic activities that employ people in ways that contribute meaningfully to planetary well-being. WG2
  • Tackling social inequality and promoting work-time reductions and work sharing to challenge the idea that we can only solve unemployment through growth. WG3
  • Promoting conditions that can improve family and local community relationships; challenging consumerism. WG4
  • The imperatives in scripture and theology for this new kind of economics, and the implied implications for the Church’s mission. WG5

We’re looking for more people to join these working groups – to discuss by email and phone and share ideas. Get in touch with Tony Emerson if you want to join a working group or find out more about our ‘Joy in Enough’ project. Tel 0208 769 4078 or email

The project was launched at a day conference, where people came together to share our ideas in Birmingham on Saturday 29 March 2014. See our press release on how the conference went HERE. We've already started planning the conference for 2015, so watch this space!!