All about Support Raising

Although it might sound unusual, support raising or living on gift income is something that Christians have done since the Levites were asked to be the priests in the Hebrew temple. They couldn’t make a living like others did but God asked all the Israelites to work in partnership with others offering some of their secure income. Jesus, his disciples, and later the apostles, also worked in partnership with other believers who supported them in their ministry. In all these situations believers are working together to help the Kingdom.

SPEAK is Network based on relationships with lots of people inputting in various ways to pray and campaign on issues of global injustice and share our faith in Jesus through building local communities of SPEAK groups. Some people commit more time than others and ask to be supported in this by those who share the vision.

This personal sponsorship cuts out the need for expensive fundraiser and monthly support has proved to be much more sustainable than grant income from trust funds etc.

But more than that, it helps SPEAK staff members develop a support group who give and pray and take an interest in the ups and downs of pioneering God’s work. These partners are invaluable, as anyone who has lived in this way will tell you! It can also involve people in SPEAK’s work and encourage them to think about justice, forming part of their discipleship process.

It seem like a huge mountain to climb at first, but thousands of Christian workers do it and we have training and support for new staff all the way through. Everyone knows about missionaries raising support to go overseas but student ministry staff for organisations such as Agape, UCCF and Fusion raise support in this country. You're not alone!