Disinvestment Campaign

This is an important time in the course of history for God's world. Join SPEAK as we push for a fossil free UK...

Why are we campaigning?

If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, then it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage. We’re all connected to institutions that claim to be looking out for the public good, from local councils and governments, to universities, public banks and churches. Many of these institutions however continue to support the fossil fuel industry via their investments, whether we know it or not. Given that we have to leave 80% of the proven reserves of coal, oil and gas in the ground in order to avoid catastrophic changes to our climate, these institutions have a responsibility to stop supporting an industry whose business model is based on wrecking our future. Join us in petitioning our churches and universities to ask them to disinvest from fossil fuels!

You can sign the petition online or you can contact us and we'll pop some physical ones in the post for you.

Read a summary and update of the campaign so far