What Future Can We Afford Petition

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Dear Justine Greening- Secretary of State for Education,

I am very concerned about the huge and increasing level of student debt in the UK both for individual students and for the country as a whole.

I am especially concerned that the Higher Education and Research Bill 2016-17, currently progressing through Parliament which could facilitate a further raise on tuition fees caps. Saddling graduates with mountains of debt and increasing the costs to the Government does not create a healthy economy nor a functioning society.

I urge you to:

  1. Restore student maintenance grants, and other means for those without the financial means to gain just access to education.
  2. Stop the retrospective changing Student Loans contracts and retract changes that have already been implemented such as the freeze of the repayment threshold at £21,000.
  3. Please do whatever you can at this stage and in the future to block or repeal the HE and Research Bill and any further increases in tuition fees as a result.
  4. Ensure that the 1998-2012 Student Loan Book not be sold to private institutions.
  5. Repeal The Sale of Student Loans Act 2008