Corporate accountability

Peter was so inspired by the thank you we gave to HMRC Inland Revenue at the Day of Action (for their work tackling tax avoidance), that he wrote an email to Waterstones to thank them for paying their tax.
One of the SPEAK London group is marking Lent and Fairtrade Fortnight by SPEAKing up for a fair wage for cocoa farmers that make his chocolate! Please join him with some online activism...
Photo Credit: Friends of the Earth Netherlands
Today there has just been a landmark ruling against Royal Dutch Shell in a court in the Netherlands - meaning that compensation will finally be paid to those who have lost land and their environment due to oil spills. Here we reprint a Press Release from Friends of the Earth Netherlands...
165 signed Pray & Post cards were handed in last week
We don't get to say this very often, so cherish these beautiful words: WE DID IT!
sweatshop protest
SPEAK has campaigned against injustices in the garment industry since the beginning in 1998. It's People & Planet's Week of Action against sweatshops at the end of this month - how are you going to get involved?
A tea-picker in Kerugoya, Kenya
The new SPEAK pray & post card is out today! It calls for justice in our food supply chains by asking Parliament that the upcoming Groceries Code Adjudicator has the power to fine from day one. What this would basically do is force our powerful UK supermarkets to treat their suppliers fairly - applying to both farmers here and abroad.
PRICE WARS pray & post card 2009
Remember our 'PRICE WARS' pray & post card calling for a supermarket ombudsman back in January 2009? Well yesterday afternoon two of us went to hear the Government's plan to establish one, at the House of Lords, at the Third Reading of the Groceries Code Adjudicator Bill.
At the end of February, SPEAK's Day of Action 2012 featured a demonstration outside Shell's London Headquarters in Waterloo to draw attention to the company's so far unmet responsibility to clean up extensive oil pollution in the Niger Delta.
On Monday 27th February, after an inspiring weekend at Soundcheck, SPEAK Network members gathered for our 2012 Day of Action.
Even if you didn't come to the Day of Action 2012 you can still arrange to meet your MP back home.