Prayer petal

Only 2 weeks to go until Soundcheck 2013, and if you're thinking of joining us, there's still a few spaces left! It's going to be a wonderful weekend, packed with exciting workshops, wonderful speakers and great opportunities to meet other people from around the SPEAK Network. Read on for the latest details of the lineup...
It’s the 1st of May. And I’ve had breakfast. I’ve known all week it was coming, and yet, I’ve had breakfast. What’s so bad about having breakfast you may well ask?
Do you struggle with prayer times? Maybe you are actually praying already – but prayer for you is not sitting on your own with your eyes closed and offering God a shopping list (is that prayer for anyone?!). Where in your normal life do you already feel close to God? Or at peace? Or what stirs you up and makes you want to shout about stuff? It could be whilst you’re jamming on your guitar, or commuting, or playing football, or cooking dinner, or even reading your facebook newsfeed..! Whatever it is, try and identify it, and do it more, and a little more deliberately in God’s general direction! That, my friend, is prayer :) Here are some more ideas that might help you to seek God a bit more deeply; give a few of these a try and see what style suits you:
It’s amazing what happens when you seek to know God better – God can totally blow your expectations!
New year, new prayers!
December is here: A new month for prayer adventures and God-seeking, more than just the shopping-and-parties season. Here’s this month’s prayer calendar to see you through Advent and Christmas!
Eating simply, focussing on what matters
Advent is more than a countdown to Christmas
Ths month we have another exciting range of prayer challenges for you, and another beautiful downloadable prayer calendar to inspire you!
We have a new October prayer calendar out, ready for you to download, print and be inspired!
SPEAK’s new campaign, Seeding Change (, is all about making the food system fairer, and bringing in the values of God’s kingdom to the way we produce and consume food. One way some of us are beginning to explore the connection between food and spirituality is by celebrating rhythms of feasting and fasting.