Handmade world

We want to keep up a conversation with our MPs on climate change throughout this 5-year parliament, beginning at the June 2015 Speak Up climate lobby but carrying on so they know this is a priority for the constituents they represent and won’t be allowed to forget.

Using art and creativity to get across a message in a deep and memorable way has always been at the heart of the way we want to campaign and share our faith as a network. It’s easy to overlook petitions, or for an MP to send an impersonal standard response to a letter – but we want a real conversation with them about what they hope to achieve whilst they are our MP, and what we’d like them to achieve on our behalf.

So – we want to make them handmade gifts! A gift – because it is friendly, and personal, and hard to ignore, and memorable. Handmade – because we want to begin a conversation about the world we are ‘handmaking’ together; what does our handmade future currently look like, and what do we want it to look like?

You can do this on your own, or together as a group – a SPEAK group, a youth group, a church homegroup, a campaign society, a bunch of crafting friends... knit a scarf, make a papercraft card, carve a spoon, build a bird box, paint or embroider a picture, decorate a photo frame, record a CD, upcycle a piece of furniture... what could you make?