Happy New Year SPEAKies

Lets share our hopes and dreams together in 2016

Happy New Year SPEAKies!

We at the London office hope that you have had an excellent holiday period and we are excited about where 2016 is going to lead us all!

We have a few pieces of news to share with you and are interested to know if there is anything you would want to be involved in.


We are currently looking for two volunteer roles to be filled. The start date is TBC but applications are welcome from now.

Please click on the job role to be directed to the Charity Job’s site:

Communications Co-ordinator

Regional Support Worker

Speak Groups 

As it is the new year, we are keen to really focus in on developing and supporting people who want to start their own SPEAK groups.

Starting a SPEAK group could begin just as easily as meeting in a coffee shop with your like-minded friends and people who believe that this world can be a better place. You then might want to focus on campaigning about an issue you are passionate about and want to get the word out there to the masses.

Check out what our Norwich Group had to say - https://www.speak.org.uk/blog/norwich-speak-group-tell-us-about-what-they-do

And here is a video from our Sheffield Group to get you inspired.

Becoming a Speak Speaker

We are very keen to broaden our SPEAK Speaker net! We feel that there are people out there who have been blessed with the ‘gift of the gob’!! And we need YOU!

We are keen to get people represent SPEAK by attending different conferences, festivals, talks and general events simply to talk about what campaigns they are passionate about and raising awareness of global injustices.

For more information visit www.speak.org.uk/speakspeakers

Let us know if you would be interested.


If you want to donate to the SPEAK cause for 2016 or can simply spare a few pennies - please visit www.speak.org.uk/donate