For the love of... fish and chips

For the love of fish and chips, let's tackle climate change... Here's why:

I struggle to stay out of chippies when I go to the beach – which is a problem now that I’ve moved close to the coast! Fish and chips have been so much a part of my seaside experience, and my default takeaway when I can’t be bothered to cook.

However, I’ve had to give up the fish already and now just get chips and peas. I care that the combined effects of overfishing plus climate change are putting too much pressure on sealife already. Warming seas are making it harder for all sorts of sea creatures to find the food they need to survive and increasing CO2 in the atmosphere means more CO2 dissolving into the ocean and making it more acidic, which is making it harder for many creatures including fish, shellfish and corals to reproduce successfully. It’s only set to get worse in the future as greenhouse gas levels increase in the atmosphere. And anyway, I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten my fair share of seafood already!

But it’d be a shame for everyone to have to give up fish, and for us to lose the national dish. What if it gets worse, and potatoes become harder to grow in the UK in the changing climate and chips stop being cheap as chips?

Save the chippy – tackle climate change!

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