Flower model

flower model!
SPEAK is about the grassroots - we don't have a leader, but rather we listen to each other and to God to discern what the right path is. The name for this participatory forum is Flower Model - and we get to meet together in person twice a year, so come along!
Twice a year, members of the SPEAK Network come together to dream dreams, plan plans and look to the future of the network. We call it 'Flower Model' because we want to function like a single organism, drawing strength and life from all of the constituent parts. If you'd like to get more involved in planning and growing the network, join us 17th to 18th November, at Desmond Tutu House in Bradford.
Last month, 25 people from across the Network gathered in Bethnal Green to discuss ideas, imagine new ones and pray, eat and hang out together...