A week of Peace Action - want to be involved?

We at Speak are encouraging people to take a week of action for Peace in September. Here is our suggested plan - are you with us??

Fancy taking a week of work to work for peace while getting some peace for yourself too in September!?

We have a whole week dedicated to direct action and would love for you to be involved:

Week Event Plan - 8-14th September 2015

Tuesday 8th - No Faith in War day - info here https://putdownthesword.wordpress.com/no-faith-in-war/. 

Wednesday 9th - Help SPEAK Network to put up the festival yurt for the Peace Festival at Catholic Workers Farm, Rickmansworth. www.speak.org.uk/peacefestival

Thursday 10th - Day of Action as DSEi. Option to camp out at Catholic Workers Farm, Rickmansworth following.

Friday 11th - Help SPEAK Network to put final decor touches at the Peace Festival, Catholic Workers Farm followed by first evening of the festival.

Saturday 12th Peace Festival

Sunday 13th - Peace Festival

Monday 14th - Day of Action at DSEi 

Contact us at speak@speak.org.uk for more details or let us know you're coming on FACEBOOK