Your mission, should you choose to accept it...part 2

Here's your challenge - to get yourself so familiar with SPEAK's 3 main current campaigns that you can explain them to others and make 'em LOUDER!! Here's campaign 2...

SPEAK's campaigns come from you, the Network, and depend on you to make them grow and make a real difference to injustice! And that means we need to understand them inside out so we can spread the word and get others involved - what they're about, what we're for and against, what we're asking to who, and what we've done so far and what's next!

Campaign no 2: Disinvestment

Background - What it is:

Institutions we are connected to, especially churches and universities, are funding climate change via investments in the fossil fuel industry. Little progress is being made in tackling climate change partly because of the lack of an economic incentive to do so – we want to create that incentive!

What we're against:

Investments in fossil fuels

What we're for:

Investments in sustainable technologies and businesses

What the current main campaign is asking:

Churches and universities to disinvest from fossil fuels – we’re asking our current and former universities, and our churches, to move their investments into more sustainable businesses.

What we’ve done so far:

A Pray & Post campaign card with Operation Noah (campaigning on church disinvestment) and People and Planet (campaigning for universities to disinvest), SPEAK members have joined the disinvestment movements for their own institutions, and took part in a fossil-free nativity calling on the C of E to disinvest! So far, the World Council of Churches has decided to disinvest, and the Anglican and Methodist churches are deciding whether to. The movement for disinvestment is growing rapidly so it's time to get on board!

So what’s next?

More! Add your voice if you haven’t yet contacted your own church and/or university, and get fellow members to do it too.

Your challenge?

To first practise explaining the current campaign to others, then go out and get other members of your church, or fellow students/graduates of your university/former university to get on board too!

If you need campaign cards, get in touch with the office

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