So it's been a couple of weeks since the Occupy St. Pauls folk were unceremoniously removed from their campsite..
On Monday 27th February, after an inspiring weekend at Soundcheck, SPEAK Network members gathered for our 2012 Day of Action.
The free-market currently generates gross inequalities where many very wealthy individuals are rich at the expense of poor.
Soundcheck 2012: A challenging, creative, joyful and ultimately hopeful weekend.
Rachel Carpenter explores the theme for this year's Soundcheck.
We would be really grateful for your prayer support, and have drawn up some monthly prayer points that can be used individually or with your local SPEAK group.
In this entry SPEAK member Chloe Skinner explores the importance of not just giving to charity but also supporting campaigns for change.
Would you like to work in campaigning? Working for SPEAK will equip you with loads of skills and experience in the world of student activism, campaigns, advocacy and network building.
Even if you didn't come to the Day of Action 2012 you can still arrange to meet your MP back home.
This may seem cowardly, but I’m going to start with a disclaimer. What follows is meant to provoke, and perhaps challenge – not to say “this is how it is”, but rather “maybe this is partly how it is”.
The challenges to face in Forced labor: big brands are involved in commercially lucrative slavery relations. SPEAK Network Brazil launches a campaign against forced labor in São Paulo.
We had a great time at the Cabaret Showcase in Manchester!
Philip Powell, from the UK Campaigns Team, attended the annual festival of Time to Turn. Time to Turn is a similar network to Speak, based in the Netherlands. This is his report from the event.
SPEAK has collected a selection of prayers you may wish to use, whilst praying about the issue of tax justice.
SPEAK has partenered with Christian Aid for our latest Pray & Post Card on the issue of Tax Justice.
Riots spread across the country in August causing untold suffering to families, businesses and communities. We need to stand together as a Network in solidarity and in prayer and action with those suffering.
Many banks and businesses claim that they would leave the UK if regulations were tightened, therefore taking tax revenues and future investment with them.
There’s a church not far from my parents’ house that has a huge billboard outside. Every few months they change the message, and over the years I have cringed time and time again at some of the excruciatingly cheesy or embarrassing slogans that they’ve come up with.
This week Greenpeace released it's latest report 'Dirty Laundry' investgating the toxic water pollution produced by textile factories in China. The report accuses Nike, Adidas, Puma, H&M and Lacoste of allowing the discharge of dangerous chemicals into Chinese water systems.
We've been inspired this week to see what mischief the Craftisit Collective have been up to.