Many banks and businesses claim that they would leave the UK if regulations were tightened, therefore taking tax revenues and future investment with them.
There’s a church not far from my parents’ house that has a huge billboard outside. Every few months they change the message, and over the years I have cringed time and time again at some of the excruciatingly cheesy or embarrassing slogans that they’ve come up with.
This week Greenpeace released it's latest report 'Dirty Laundry' investgating the toxic water pollution produced by textile factories in China. The report accuses Nike, Adidas, Puma, H&M and Lacoste of allowing the discharge of dangerous chemicals into Chinese water systems.
We've been inspired this week to see what mischief the Craftisit Collective have been up to.
Shane Caliborne is touring the UK this summer!
Brian Haw, the anti-war peace activist who has been protesting on Parliament Square for over a decade, has died after a battle with cancer.
Anyone who has ever been on a SPEAK day of action will be familiar with the excitement of it all – The crowd raising their voices against injustice, an imaginative and colourful demonstration, and a procession to that most prominent site of UK politics, the Houses of Parliament, where a group of young and conscientious activists will lobby their MPs on issues of global poverty.
Vocal Training is being held Friday 9th - Monday 12th September 2011. Watch the video to see why you should come... Don't miss out!
'The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible' Toni Cade Bambarayou
After decades of indifference, it seems strange that the West should now so suddenly develop a conscience concerning the welfare of Libyan civilians. Libyans have long suffered the tyranny of Gadaffi’s dictatorship, well-armed as it is by companies based in the ‘developed’ world. So why is it only now that those arms sales licenses have been cancelled?
This past month students have been making a stand against universities which profit from and invest in the arms trade.
Vocal Training is a chilled and inspiring time spent with others in the Network, getting equipped with skills to campaign effectively, to pray and share your faith where you are.
Holding a stall on campus, at your church or in your local community?
SPEAK, with Stop Climate Chaos, is calling for a big push to get our MPs to act on climate change after the Big Climate Connection lobby in November.
No ‘day of action’ this year, but a unique opportunity to pray with others on a prayer walk through the centre of London, visiting the headquarters of Shell, the Bank of England, the Cenotaph in Whitehall and HMS Belfast.
Soundcheck 2011: Resurrecting Hope. What a weekend. We came expecting to be challenged, to discover more about unjust situations in the world around us, to be inspired by the stories of others in the SPEAK Network. Most of all we came to claim back a real sense of hope, in a world where pessimism can so often be the response when confronted with the challenges of poverty and oppression.
SPEAK values prayer as a part of our action on behalf of the poor and oppressed worldwide. See how you can get involved!
Soundcheck11: Resurrecting Hope was a fantastic and hope-infused weekend!
What a weekend. We came expecting to be challenged, to discover more about unjust situations in the world around us, to be inspired by the stories of others in the SPEAK Network.
A great way to support Defend Peace: Disarm Tax is to take it right to our national decision-makers, MPs, as so many people did at the recent Power, Politics & Pilgrimage and last year's Day of Action.