Food Justice

It's been germinating beneath the ground for several years, and now it's finally here - a SPEAK campaign focusing on the injustices of agribusiness.

Food are drink are profoundly human. Yet our global food system is broken, as we see from land grabs, biofuels, food waste, overconsumption of meat and dairy, supermarket power, farmers being squeezed, banks betting on food, monopolisation of the seed markets, over-reliance on heavy fertilisers and pesticides that ravage the Earth… not to mention global hunger.

 Essentially, we believe that:

All food should be grown and shared
as though people and the planet mattered.


SPEAK currently has two main campaigns on the issue of food justice, which are interrelated. One campaign is focusing on the New Alliance, an initiative which is being supported by the UK's DfID, which is funding landgrabs across Africa and getting poor countries locked deeper into poverty. Our other campaign is with our sister network Fale in Brazil, with the aim of banning some of the most deadly and toxic pesticides from being used in the country, despite being banned in countries like ours.

Please explore these campaigns through the links below, join the petitions and take them to your friends, churches and other groups or societies.


SPEAK played a big part in 2013's Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign. We were a member of the coalition and held a stall at the Big IF event in Hyde Park in June 2013. It was a privilege to produce the video for the Big IF Fast and contribute to many other fun projects. Now that the campaign has come to a close, learn what it achieved here


Here are some verses that have inspired us as we developed this campaign, and some Bible study notes on the theme of food...
Here are some prayer ideas and resources to help you seed change with your prayers...