Campaign goals

We are currently focusing on greater access to justice for victims of corporate abuse. We are campaigning for the creation of a UK Commission for Business, Human Rights and the Environment together with the CORE Coalition.

During our Big Dress campaign, which focused on the Companies Act in 2006 we decided on three main goals, which would guide all our Corporate Accountability work.

Accountable - expand the legal duties of company directors to include a broader "duty of care", meaning they would have to consider the impact of their decisions on communities, employees and the environment when making decisions, rather than just profit.

Careful - communities abroad shuold be able to seek compensation in the UK, if unable to do so in their own country, for serious environmental damage or human rights abuses by UK companies, including their subsidiaries.

Transparent - we need all MNCs to report annually on their social and environmental impact, in the UK and abroad, with reporting standards to ensure their reports are accurate and comprehensive.

Click here to find out more about what this commission would do and how it would work.

We have lobbied our MPs in person, sent in Pray & Post cards on this issue, and also handed in a creative MP3 petition to parliament!

We have successfully campaigned for a Groceries Code Adjudicator with the capability to actually impose fines on supermarkets that abuse small producers!...

...But work continues as we push for a response to the Unfinished Business campaign, an MP3 petition that we passed on to Lisa Nandy MP. If you want to get involved with the next steps for this campaign, contact us here.