What do you want the arms traders to take note of?

What we would like you to do is pick a note any note that you would like the arms traders to take note of!! Then write a message to them which will be going to the DSO a government department SPEAK has previously targeted

TAKE NOTE- - We are asking you and your group to PICK note- then on a Musical note shaped decorated cardboard or artistically cut out note If you are feeling really ambitions you could do wood/ cardboard.. or material.. ( possibly the note you would like the arms traders to take note of could be the same note of the bell you are playing in the DSEi bells band)....

then just outside DSEi we are going to be bring some big off the scale long musical scroll or scales for you to place your note on to make a musical petition these will later be handed in at DSO who subsidizes DSEi with tax payers money

- Write a message on your note

some suggestions you could

Express unhappiness that through DSO tax payers money is spent on DSEI- where arms are sold to oppressive regimes.

Express concerns of how arms in the countries that buy i/ aid repression ii/fuel confilct iii/harm development.

Express concern that many poor countries get into debt when they buy arms they cant afford arms.. and thus less is spent on welfare and poverty allievation.

Ask for DSO to stop supporting and funding DSEi.. and for DSEi to be closed.

Express how better tax payers money could be better spent on the struggling NHS, relieving child poverty, or renewable energy sources..

- More info will be added on line as we go but here is a link to CAATS web site which explains link between DSO and DSEi - To gem up before taking note

Mobilisation- Raise the Sound Wave

Bus in to Bust Out- time to gather your local peace crew. ..

Raise the DSEi Bells further with a whole crew

We are looking at maybe even getting 2 buses down from the North maybe

Wednesday Bus- Collaboration bus on to come mid week collaborating on Wednesday for the set up (and visit to the other days of action with stop the arms fair)..

Friday Bus and one to come on the Friday

The call in places depends on the interest level from each of the northern places (stopping Edinburgh, Manchester at least).. but if you can mobilise at least 7 people message us about being on the stops list)!!

Its time amplifiers to gather in your peace crew to bus people in in order to bust the arms traders out..