Advisory group

SPEAK has a group of people to advise us:

Roger Ellis (Revelation)

Andy Freeman – Trustee – (24-7 Prayer)

Shane Claiborne (writer, and part of The Simple Way)

Andy Harrington (Youth For Christ, Canada)

Andy Hough (Youth for Christ)

Ben Niblett (Tearfund)

Roger & Sue Mitchell - Roger is also a Trustee - (Passion Ministries)

Stephen Rand (Jubilee Debt Campaign)

John Risbridger (UCCF)

Ronald Sider (Author)

Greg Valerio (CRED)

Andy Wales


Council of Reference:

Clive Calver

Tony Campolo (Prof)

Steve Chalke (Oasis Trust)

Martin Drewry (Health Unlimited)

Joel Edwards (Micah Challenge)

Andy Frost (Share Jesus)

Please note that all members take part in a personal capacity and any groups they are linked with are shown for informational purposes.

SPEAK affirms the EA Basis of Faith - for more information, see the ethos section.