Our vision

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We want to see a mass movement across the rising generation. We want to see this generation positioned and equipped to bring spiritual, social, economic, political and environmental transformation. We want to see God's Kingdom established in all its different facets.

We want to see it in all our relationships, and in our lifestyle as a whole. We believe that in order to do this we need to NETWORK and work in connecting and bringing people together with a similar heart. Networking means that all are connected, and we can build unity in our actions and our prayers. In praying about situations of injustice and speaking out about the same things at the same time, we are able to make our call for change louder!

Speak is a not an organisation. SPEAK is a network, because we believe it takes all of us to recognise that we have a responsibility to those who are suffering as a result of global injustice. In the past we have spent long enough believing that an organisation will do it all for us, and that giving limited financial assistance to a charity is enough. However, global problems are more deep rooted, connected with unfair trade and debt, and many other issues.

SPEAK is not another organisation existing to soothe our consciences. SPEAK exists to stir the conscience of everyone. We act as a movement to stir people, especially the younger generation, into action and see them released as catalysts to motivate the church as a whole. It is not served up to you on a plate - it is up to you to take initiative. SPEAK is an evolving, dynamic movement of relationships.

The relationships formed within the Network are constantly sparking off new initiatives. We believe that we are empowered and resourced in relationship with God and in relationship with each other, rather than just through an organisation. It is difficult to box this movement, or to give a totally accurate neat description.

It's about being a motivational catalyst in areas of Christian community. It's about lifestyle. It's about moving into action. It’s about getting things going, creating an infectious movement that seeks to change unfair power structures. It’s about following Jesus. It's about modelling something new, sharing our faith with people disillusioned by institutional models of church and Christian community. It's about reaching people who are searching spiritually.