SPEAK NEST work hub provides a space for small social cause start ups and free range freelancers, to work, share skills and share resources in the challenge to gain sponsorship and support for social justice, creative and pioneering work.

We are creating a supportive affordable work space. The rate is £8 per day for a minimum of 2 days per week- you would spend more if you were sitting in a café! Or the monthly rate is £140 for 5 days (Mon-Fri) each week for 4 weeks. 

The idea is to help facilitate one to one and group skill shares, offer contacts mutual feedback and help individuals and groups in the challenging economic context. SPEAK NEST has recently been supported with trust funds for our alternative university project, which hosts webinars and training for young social entrepreneurs and activists. We will consult on an individual basis and offer support. Alongside our supported desk space, we are also building a network of professionals that offer Skype support and consultation for new initiatives with a network of individual activists who can act as life coaches and mentors. 

We have the desire to create a mutually supportive working environment where skills and resources can be shared and charities and individuals facing the challenge of the current economic climate can band together to be stronger together. Desk space is offered in partnership with St. Margaret’s House which provides work space to around 50 small charities and community groups this is where the SPEAK NEST has been located for 5 years since 2011.

DESK SPACE AVAILABLE: 7-8 desks spaces are available for hire. We are hiring out office space at a very affordable rate compared to other places. The rate is £8 per day for a minimum of 2 days per week- you would spend more if you were sitting in a café! Or the monthly rate is £140 for 5 days (Mon-Fri) each week for 4 weeks.

Desks will be booked out on a calendar system. Desk space will need to be prebooked in advance and reservation money given to the Project Administrator, we may run a credits based system to facilitate this. You may also pay in full at the time that you make your desk reservation. We also wanted to make it possible to select to only hire for a certain number of days a week. The breakdown of different cost options can be obtained by emailing admin@speak.org.uk

Each desk space hired is solely for 1 person and any bigger meetings have take place in another meeting room which can be booked from St Margaret's House.

Support Meetings For You and Your Project

If people rent 3 days a week or more every 2 months they get an individual support or advice meeting with one of our consultants or projects, fundraising or other elements of project facilitation. All the investment from the scheme goes to more workshop and training for the community as a whole as well as help SPEAK NEST run campaigns for justice for some of the worlds poorest communities.

Alternatively if you want a support meeting without renting space up to 3 days we can talk to people in the Network of consultants doing it at a rate affordable to your charity or group.

If you just send us an email with what you need and your annual turnover at present or if your just beginning we can match you with best person whose skills most match your needs and talk to them about doing it at cost that is suitable for your situation.

Drop in hour or working lunch 12.30pm-1.30pm- Once a Month on Every 2nd Wednesday- We are aiming to have a shared lunch to share challenges and support each other as small charities and social/ community groups at St. Margaret’s house gallery café. 

If you are interested in dropping and learning more about the SPEAK NEST support hub joining us for lunch then could work, email admin@speak.org.uk if you are interesting in coming to the next one.