Check 2

Did your activist days fade with lectures, lie-ins and pot noodles? Does ‘transformation’ only come at the end of the working day? Has changing nappies got in the way of changing the world? Check 2 is dedicated to everyone juggling important choices.

Check 2 is a network within SPEAK for people who want to keep campaigning for justice post-student activist life. In Check 2 we explore and exchange ideas on how we can live out our SPEAK values in a local context, whether in the workplace, in our families, or in our communities.

There are members of Check 2 currently involved in academia, education, media, local government, parenting and engineering.

Maybe you engage with the media as part of your job and would like to talk about media engagement with someone in media who is aware of the Speak Values you are trying to live out.
Maybe you are looking to work in one of these sectors and wouldn't mind a chat and some friendly advice.
Perhaps you are already working in this area and want to exchange thoughts and ideas.

We want to support you as you work through these important topics, contact us at  and we'll begin!