Flower model

Get involved with all levels of planning and decision making in our grass-roots, participatory forum "Flower Model"

Why is it called Flower Model and where did it come from? When people get involved with Flower Model they are encouraged to join a team focusing on one area of SPEAK:

Arts, Campaigns, Prayer, Faith and Spirituality, Network, International.

The teams that make up Flower Model are like petals and the team facilitators act as a core team to ensure there is good communication. As the network has grown and developed we've looked for a model that more effectively draws vision from throughout the network, allows people to express their diverse gifts and callings, gathers different opinions for decision-making, but which doesn't lead SPEAK to become institutionalised and committee focused. And Flower Model is the result! Each team will include people from the Network: local groups, students, young adults, in fact, anyone who wants to contribute to SPEAK and feels called to that area of work. The Petal teams that are in operation at the moment are Arts, Campaigns, Prayer, Network, Faith Sharing & Spirituality and International.

Click HERE to see our wonderful Flower Model Petal Facilitators for each Petal and to be able to get in touch with them

Flower Model Gatherings

Twice a year a 'Flower Model Weekend' happens. Everyone involved in the different Petal teams will gather at the same location for a weekend of vision sharing, decision making and planning. The central part of the flower functions to enable communication between the different Petal teams and keep the process in overview. The people in this team will also hold some of the core responsibilities for any decision making required between Flower Model weekends. Flower Model is now a firmly established part of the SPEAK year. Weekends happen in April and November, and between these Petal teams have been communicating and meeting to carry forward the work they have agreed on. If you would like to get involved with Flower Model please email us