SPEAK CORE CREW The SPEAK core crew are the committed members of SPEAK working groups, willing to take one action a month and as result of the long term commitment getting some travel and entry into events subsidised.


Ever wanted to be part of Speak's Social Justice work, and a core member of the Speak Team?

Could you help with the following?:

  • Complete one action request every month from the Network Event Support Team. Taking no longer than 15-20 mins
  • Help with mobilisation and serving as crew at events
  • Send an email every 6 months on Jan 31st and June 30th to admin@speak.org.uk letting us know what you have completed and fill in the web form saying your unique idea at a job description.

In return Speak can offer you the following:

  • A Free ticket into all Speak Event's and Training sessions.
  • 50% discount on all travel to any Speak working groups meetings and events (provided you can book/notify us 6-8 weeks in advance and have used the cheapest possible method)
  • A chance to be part of a NETWORK of like minded creative people seeking to create Social justice in society. Make great friends (while you are at it, live the powerdox by getting something groovey to put on your CV)!

*If you can however be on the Core Crew without also claiming your travelling expenses but allowing that to be a donation it probably helps th emost please indicate this on the application form. 

Please fill in the application, (tab to the left) or follow this link:http://www.speak.org.uk/network/speak-core-crew/speak-core-crew-application-form