Community is at the very heart of SPEAK, because when you're a lone group or link, campaigning can sometimes feel difficult and discouraging.

Our role is to help strengthen the connections between every Speaker across the nation – to help groups and links inspire and support each other as we work together to form one unified movement for change in this world!...Pretty important stuff, eh?!

Who is in the Network petal?

Anyone who has ideas or a heart for seeing the Network build. This often includes Regional Support Workers, group leaders and links (both past and present), but we really want to welcome anyone to be part of it! We’re only a very small petal :-)

What do we talk about at Flower Model?

We discuss ideas for how Speak can:

  • Better support groups and links. This could be by creating resources for them to campaign or pray or to making sure that we don't overload groups with too many campaign goals!
  • Encourage relationships to build within groups. Local community is the key! We don’t want group members to feel like they're just going to another meeting when they gather, but that they are part of a family, with a special history of their own. Ahhhh...:-)
  • Encourage relationships to develop between different groups. Getting groups to know each other, having fun, joining in with each other’s campaign efforts, sharing ideas...oh, so many things!
  • Connect Speak links into the network better. Making sure invividual links know they can be just as effective as any group, and that they are part of something bigger!
  • Make sure all the values of SPEAK blend evenly at our events. e.g Ensuring that they are all working together at Soundcheck, and thinking about how we can encourage more community during the event!

So, as you can see – we need lots of ideas! If you’re interested in joining the Network petal, please contact us here.