Challenge your church!

Can you challenge – or ask nicely – your church to help SPEAK stay in business? Every member of the Network can see the worth of what we do but we haven’t (yet) got this message to enough churches. Our mission is to put a Christian presence into campaigning for social justice. We are mobilising young people to carry out God’s work throughout the country at a time when others see little point in anything to do with Christianity.

Looking back, we’ve been getting on with the job – and perhaps we should have been telling local churches more about what we do. Christian Aid and Tear Fund[1] have supported us but we need to get better at becoming self-sufficient and that means recruiting a wider base of support. In fact, local churches are really local mission stations – we don’t just want their money but we really want their prayers and some of their members to help us campaign for justice.

What can you do?

Go and tell your church about us…explain who we are, give them some SPEAK resources and use the downloadable response slip (below). Better still, see if you could give a 5 minute presentation about SPEAK in a service and ask people to consider supporting us. You could also tell your family, friends or any church member about our work and our need for prayerful and financial help. Finally, get involved with a speak-a-thon or do a sponsored event - find out more at