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Do you have a heart for the poor? Are you committed to SPEAK's vision and campaigns? Do you long for a job where you can live out your values? SPEAK needs people like you to sustain the network!

We are looking for all kinds of people with all kinds of gifts and skills – networking, event organising, writing resources, administration, fundraising and online marketing. 

Speak provides both paid roles and also many of our staff support themselves by "support raising". That means they fundraise enough to cover their own salaries. To find out more about support raising, click here.

What roles are we needing to fill?

The Main Roles 

Regional Support Worker

Training Roles


Flexi Time Roles

Become a SPEAK Speaker

We look forward to receiving you applications

SPEAK started as a small band of students giving their time and energy to an idea they passionately believed in - that the Bible contains a call to us all to Speak out against injustice wherever we see it.