Christian Union Resources

Since 1998 when SPEAK initiators were part of various Christian Union Committees as Prayer and International Secretaries we have been sending resources for action and prayer to Christian Unions across the country. We have been encouraging Christian Unions to use our Prayer and Action cards for 10 minutes every 2 months for 18 years and many of these resources have had an incredible impact documented here;

Can your Christian Union, church or cell group put forward a SPEAK link person as a representative to receive action resources and support from the SPEAK NEST team, to be a catalyst in causing a chain reaction for justice. All this person will need to do is a 5-7 minute talk or explanation every 2 months and give your group the opportunity to pray and act together in unity. Email if you are interested and give your name, email address and how many action cards you would like. We also now have the option of receiving information by text message and through a test phone app currently being developed. If you are interested in testing the phone app please also email