Become a SPEAK advocate

SPEAK Advocates are vital to the sustainability of SPEAK. They challenge people to give to campaigns as a way of committing to the poor and help SPEAK to run effective campaigns and training for students and young adults.

If you’ve got a passion for justice and a desire to see more situations of injustice transformed and our generation changed then read on….

Advocates do three simple things:

  • Call on others passionate about justice to commit to giving regularly to SPEAK. This could be friends you know through SPEAK, family, or a home group who care about justice
  • Get involved in the yearly SPEAK-a-thon. Either run a fundraising event showcasing people's sponsored actions for SPEAK, or do an action yourself and send a video to or attend an existing SPEAK-a-thon event. When you thank your sponsors for their support afterwards, you can then ask them to support SPEAK in the long-term with regular giving.
  • Challenge people to give to campaigns by running fundraising events connected to the education and awareness-raising that SPEAK Groups and Links already do.

For example, if your group or church is running a film night about sweatshops, you would help turn it in to a fundraiser by:

  • asking for donations on the door (or even charging entry)
  • doing a short communication about how vital it is to give to campaigning to stop the situations witnessed in the film and passing a bucket round
  • saying you’ll be at the back if people want to give regularly by becoming Loudspeakers.

Sound simple? Get in touch for all the information, resources and ongoing support you need to become an effective fundraiser and fulfil SPEAK’s calling to transform situations of injustice!